The Flatmates

Jasmine – Mansfield, ON, CA – Female (despite how she normally dresses) – 23 years old

Brief History: Jasmines been here from the start of the adventure. I originally met Jasmine after she contacted me on Couchsurfing in my first few days in Berlin. We quickly formed a friendship as the two lost Canadians in Berlin trying to find some community. As a result of failed flat share interviews, after failed flat share interviews we decided to join forces and look for a flat together. It’s mainly history from there.

About Jasmine: Jasmine’s a classic home-schooled kid turned freelance contemporary dancer. Though she now holds some credibility in the art scene she still holds her roots in her hippie, nerd upbringing.  She loves to bake and is syked about life. Jasmine’s been living in Europe for the last two and a half years.

Lukas – Austria – Male (even though he has long hair) – 22 years old

Brief History: Lukas first came into the picture when Jasmine and him attended the same shared flat casting. After talking about themselves and the interview concluding Jasmine asked for Lukas’ number (in a platonic way) in case she did start searching for her own place. So when Jasmine and I started searching we called Lukas to see if he wanted to join our search for a 3 bedroom flat… he excepted.

About Lukas: If you have ever watched a “Jay and Silent Bob” film you would know what I mean when I say Lukas is similar to Silent Bob. Normally quite quiet, but when the time is right he will strike with a hilarious left field comment. Lukas enjoys smoking, both kinds, and knitting. He also lived in South America teaching children theater for three years.  Lukas has an awesome girlfriend Marisa who sometimes visits from Vienna. Lukas is the zen factor to our flat.

Antonia – German – Female – 25 years old

Brief History: Antonia was last to come into the picture. She actually attended a dance university in Rotterdam, Holland with Jasmine for a year. They randomly met again in a dance class here in Berlin. When we found an amazing flat with a fourth room Jasmine made the suggestion and we took a chance. Ended up not being much chance involved, she jelled instantly.

About Antonia: Antonia is also a contemporary dancer (hence the girls going to the same school). She just recently got an amazing contract that begins in September until then she will chill in Berlin to enjoy life and make a little extra cash. She’s a very good cook, enjoys rock climbing, as well as tango. Always laughing she adds that extra bit of awesomeness to the household.


One Response to “The Flatmates”

  1. June Saracuse Says:

    what a great group of people Tay. you know how to attract them!

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