The Last Days and The Last Day

Okay! Let me tell about the last two weeks and close up this blog!

The last two weeks in Berlin were mainly filled up with preparing to leave: closing accounts, selling stuff, giving stuff away, etc. Don’t worry though this was interspersed fun, so lets just talk about the fun. Of course, while I could, I visited a few of the free museums I hadn’t seen and enjoyed them. This was also combined with some good movie nights; Toy Story 3D with the other Taylor, and some movies in the Studio with Spencer and Fabrice. I also went out to the clubs and soaked up that part of Berlin culture. With all my goodbyes my most significant event was a picnic I had on the first weekend, which counted as my last goodbye to most of the people I knew in Berlin. About 15 people came with some beautiful food and I brought some music, aka my guitar. It was a super pleasant affair to say the least. The last days in Berlin ended up being very relaxed though which ended up suiting me quite well. And then I rode out of the city via u-bahn with a funny feeling one gets when they know they wont be back to a place for a long while. Thank you Berlin and all that made it what it was.

After leaving by U-bahn I was naturally on the highway thumb out as usual with the destination being Paris via Köln. I made it to Köln after two great rides, first with a small Danish family with some great discussion and then with a Turkish guy with a lot of extra hospitality and a girl named Nara we picked up for a while. I then CSed for the night with an Indian guy named Bharath and man was it nice to hear that accent again and see the mannerisms. On top of that he was a great conversationalist. We spoke about everything from space, to Indian/Pakistani relation, to Star Wars. A shame I was only there one night, but again off I was the next morning with my thumb out. Hitching was kind of crap for the first half, but the second half was with a great young Bulgarian/German couple. More good conversation and this time some good food as well. One more ride after this one and I was in Paris.

So here I am, with Florian and familiar CS face, who I surfed with last time. My last full day in Europe was spent with a walk around Paris, exploring an interesting author’s project, and, of course, sitting in front of the Effeil Tower for a while. Tomorrow morning I wake up early and head to the airport to head home, so goodbye Europe…. or should I say as I’ve been saying to everyone else, “see you soon.”

And so I finish my last official entry for this blog I will say goodbye and thank you for reading. I really can’t say if I will start one up for Halifax, were I will be next, but who the hell knows, maybe I’ll surprise myself. So one last: Peace and Love,  Taylor.


One Response to “The Last Days and The Last Day”

  1. Dear Tay,

    Thanks for the awesome blog. Even though I often didn’t comment, I was with you all the way. I do hope you blog in Halifax.

    I am so excited for your next adventure.


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