Lukas x2

I left off last entry saying that I would attend a bonfire with my Slovakian host Lukas. This I did, but the night ended spiralling into something much more. It starts when we were packing up our meat, guitars, and drinks when four quite attractive girls showed up at the door to join us. After venturing into the forest eating and playing song after song we decided we needed a new location since it was only 23:00. I never expected to end up at one of the girl’s mansions with an indoor swimming pool, ginormous patio, and nice everything else, but I did. So we partied late into the night at this very “un-Slovakian” location until we could party no more. Easily one of my more interesting CS experiences. The next three days in Bratislava would mainly consist of walking around the old town, a little busking, eating many ridiculously cheap Magnum bars, and hanging out at Lebor &  Lukas’ tee house. I guess I’m just attracted to these locations. In the end I had done my part, enjoyed Slovakia, and played with their massive dog Tobino. So off I went to meet my second (but truly first) Lukas, but I had a few pit stops first.

First pit stop was Vienna, which I planned to only stay one day, but plans change quickly. Arriving in Vienna I went straight to (Berlin)  Lukas’ brother’s place. Phillip hilariously has many of the same vices as Lukas, mainly coffee and Nugget Bits. I was amused to say the least, but good conversation permitted me to realize I was being graced by another cool dude. After chatting a while I went to meet up with Beni who is in Vienna for the next month on a 15,000Eu scholarship for a dance festival called Impulstanz, but first I was going to busk for a while. I arrived at Stefanplatz,the main tourist station, and played for an hour and a half and after dancing with a little asian boy for 30 minutes and receiving a 10Eu bill each from two appreciative Viennese kids I racked up a solid 45 Euros. And with that I  met up with Beni in Vienna’s super cool Museum Quarter (MQ), where the festival is taking place, and I quickly met Beni’s newfound Australian buddy, Matt. As we headed of to find a bite to eat we passed an absolutely gorgeous blond on the same pink bicycles Beni and Matt had received for the festival. Of course they knew her and of course we stopped this Swedish bombshell by the name of Linda. We then decided to join Linda for her dinner, but not before she invited two other Swedish babes, Andrea and Alexandra. So off it was to a cheap, traditional Austrian restaurant for one of my first sit down and be served dinners I’d had in a long time. After dinner the crew had to make their way to a free performance they were supposed attend, but before departing they said the opening night of the Impulstanz lounge was the next night and I should stay an extra day. I didn’t take much convincing. I asked Phillip and he was cool with the idea so one more day in Vienna for Taylor. The next day I walked around and checked out some areas I perviously hadn’t on my last two visits to the city I forgot I liked so much. Then I made my way to the MQ to enjoy an exhibit named “Street and Studio,” which showcased the idea of street art and studio made art meeting in an extraordinary fusion. They had work by Bansky and Warhol and many other amazing artists. I then met up with Beni for this lounge opening and danced the night away. The Swedish girl didn’t show up that night, but it still hasn’t deterred the fact that I now have major plans to visit Sweden.

Next stop was a quick stop in Salzburg, mainly known for being the place where most of “The Sound of Music” was filmed. Honestly, a truly gorgeous town. I only stayed for four hours though as I had to make my escape to sleep somewhere out in the nature. I eventually found myself that night at Chiemsee lake, a large lake in Southern Germany. After playing guitar for some locals I finally set up my tent in a nice open area and fell asleep. Around 6:30am I was woken up as the zipper to my tent was being unzipped. All of a sudden an old man’s face appeared grumpily declaring something in German. I quick explained with the little German I have that I do not speak the langauge and did not understand. He quickly switched to English telling me “You’re not allowed to camp here.”
I had no doubt it was true, but I did not want to get up so instinctually I asked this plain clothed fellow, “wait, wait, who the hell are you and why can’t I cam here?”
To which he replied, “I’m the major of Chiemsee.”
“You mean the mayor?
“Yes the mayor, the mayor, now be packed up by 8:00.”
So yes, I got woken up by the mayor of Chiemsee telling me I could not camp in the area I was…. righteous. So I got up at 8:00, like instructed, took a nice morning swim, read a while, and continued my journey.

I arrived at Lukas’ that evening and have been quite enjoying my time here since my arrival. It’s been a mixture of eating some great food, throwing Lukas’ 11 year old brother around various room, visiting “downtown” Bregenz, reading a lot while it rained, and swimming a lot while it was sunny. Lukas’ family is great and I am still loving life. Hope all is well on the other side. Peace and Love,  Taylor.


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