A Frickin’ Long Post A Comin’

Don’t hold your breath for this one… or you’ll die.

So from where we left off. I said I was going to go out, so I did. It was relaxed, but me and Beni met up and just chilled, ate gelato, listened to music, and talked with a fellow Irish busker Fergal, at Admirals Brücke (Bridge). The next day I decided to make a social experiment and I went out busking in a full suit. I only got to play for 15 minutes until another busker with an actual license came so I had to peace, but in that short time I made 5 euros. That means roughly 20 euros an hour, which is much better than I normally make. I tried this twice more, only able to play for a short amount of time again, with a little less success, but it seems I looked a little more professional so people would assume I did it as a job. Or at least this is what I deduced. The next day was a busy one as I made fudge, booked a flight back to Canada from Paris (for $415CND mid August I might add), and then once again met up with Beni to party with a bunch of his language class buddies. Then that Sunday, after a night of partying, was a recovery day that included watching Forrest Gump for the first time and eating the fudge I made the day before.

Jump forward to that Wednesday and we make it to the last official day of Free Love. The last day Jasmine, Lukas, Kate, and I would be in the same space at the same time… for a long time at least. We were all busy the next day and Jasmine left for a dance tour that Friday morning. So we all got together in Templehof park on Wednesday, bought some beer, wine, and kebab, said “screw you” to staying inside and cooking/dishes and enjoyed the fresh air together. We engaged in a little bit of a guest Oscars recounting the best or most good looking guests we’d had while living together. Names will remain disclosed ; ) We tried to take some unsuccessful late night photos and then toasted to our month together and that was it. A good time spent with much laughter, lessons, love, live and, of course, guests. Thanks Free Love for being my first flat and teaching me many a thing.

The next day my friend Christine arrived. Christine was a year younger than me and one of the people I frequently visited in the art room during my spare to catch the progress of art. When I saw on Facebook she was in Europe I offered her to visit and she excitedly accept. Within a few hours of her arrival Lukas, José, Christine and I embarked on a 60km bike ride to the south east lake of Berlin. Just to give people an idea that’s the equivalent of biking from the inner harbour of Victoria to Duncan… just less hills. It was all worth it though after some good sandwiches and beer by the lake side a good dip in the water. We left around 12:oo and got back around 23:00 and man did it feel good!

The next two days were going from bar to club to bar to house party with Christine, Beni, & Tobi. The most eventful for me being one I went to Tobi and Beni with, which was the first house party I have been to here were everyone except us guys were German. Madness I tell you. Meanwhile when I was at this party I sent Christine with a friend the Goa Dance party. When I got back from the house party at 4am I wasn’t surprised that Christine wasn’t home yet. When I woke up later at 10am I was a little surprised she hadn’t got back yet. When I woke up again at noon she still wasn’t back and she then finally fully surprised me when she walked through the door at 2pm. Apparently it was good party. Quite unsurprisingly the rest of that day was a recovery day that included cookies and The Big Lebowski.

Christine left the next day and minutes after she made her exit Kate came into my room and informed me of Fete de la Music. This one day festival started in France and has spread world wide, but it’s pretty much a full day outdoor music festival. Amazing! From Balkan bands to Electro bands, to DJs, to Punk bands I saw it all and enjoyed it thoroughly. A nice pleasant surprise for a Monday. The next day Lukas and I explored an abandoned/haunted school I came across a few weeks ago and had been itching to break into. We finally did on Tuesday and took a lot of pictures like the one beside this paragraph. Pretty crazy stuff. We explored for 3 hours and discovered we had only found 1/3 of the school. We had to leave at that point. That night two Bulgarian couchsurfers, Kalina and Edd, showed up for one night, but we found ourselves in a random Bulgarian garden party with Tobi. I said goodbye to Tobi as he was leaving for Canada the next morning and wished him good luck in Berlin for once he returned.

Skip to this Thursday and I went MEGA-TOURIST! I woke up early in morning to get to the Bundestag, Germany’s main parliamentary building, to check out the famous dome that looks over the city and into the seats of parliament. I then biked over the west to surprise Brian, the man I took a tour with 3 years ago that got me so pumped on Berlin that I would eventually move here. You can blame this man Mom. Anyway I went to thank him and that’s what I did, but couldn’t hang long as he had to guide his tour. Then I made my way to the holocaust memorial and visited the free holocaust museum, which was pretty heavy to say the least. Very similar to the one in Jerusalem though, just smaller. I then visited the exterminated homosexual memorial, which was finished in 08. Then I went off to the Hamburger Bahnhof, which is the contemporary art museum with the likes of Warhol and Kiefer. Great! I then met up with Brian again as he brings this tour peeps out for drinks after the tour finishes, but again didn’t really get to talk to him again as Aidan called me saying he was back from Southern Africa and needed a place to sleep, which I totally forgot. I grabbed Brian’s mobile number and then went to find Aidan. Once me and Aidan got together we talked for about 4 hours just about his whirlwind adventure over the last 5 months. Some of his stories are so cosmic they should be written in a novel.

Aidan left early the next morning to Denmark to meet a girl he met in Tanzania. So yesterday night was the beginning of the 48 hour Festival in Neukölln so I met with Julie and explored some shows and galleries. Some were quite amazing. So that brings us today and guess what…. I baked cookies! Peace and Love, Taylor.

Inside the Bundestag


One Response to “A Frickin’ Long Post A Comin’”

  1. june saracuse Says:

    Wow, life is full! Sounds awesome.
    I’d love to meet Brian. Not to give him hell, but to thank him for geting you excited about not only Berlin but this incredible world we live in.
    Love Mom

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