The Summer Is Here!

Hello readers, why don’t we pick up where we left off and use a few more cliche phrases. So arriving back to Berlin after my short excursion I returned to an amazing day attending a film festival my friends Tom and Fabrice organized. The festival was the Road Junkie Film Festival (click the link to check it out), a festival that focused on alternative traveling. There was feature films, short film, lectures (my favorite part), and many other fun and informative activities. I unfortunately missed the first day on Saturday, but I attended pretty much all of Sunday. There were two lectures I especially enjoyed. The first was by a Quebec woman named Anick-Marie Bouchard on woman traveling solo, it was truly an empowering lecture even for me, as much of the solo travel advice was not gender specific. The second was made by Tom; it focused on a run through of his last 14 years of nonstop travel mixed with just some valuable life lessons. Again, inspiring. Oh, and seeing as it was a film festival, I did see all the short films some of which were really good, my favorite being “The Gardener and His 21 Flowers.” Check out this link too as I think Tom would be happy to get the traffic:

The next night I visited the Tee Haus where all the organizers of the festival were meeting up for a celebration. It was great to go since I haven’t hung out with Fabrice in a while and he is such a joy to be around. As well my friend Spencer has finally returned from Eastern Europe so he was there too and it was great to catch up with him.

The next few days were spent hanging out with one of my mom’s ex-peer helper, Corey, who is traveling around Europe for 7 weeks. The first day we met up around noon at the main train station and after dropping his stuff off at home we went to the Turkish Market to pick up some grub. Once we were done with that I brought him out to Tacheles (check out the English history section), a giant artist squat in Mitte. The next day he went on the free tour and in the evening we went for walk in some nice parks near my flat and enjoyed some cheap beer. And then Corey was off. If was a brief stay, but an enjoyable one. I wish Corey the best on his travels.

That night after Corey left I resumed my Museum Thursdays tradition. This time I revisited the Pergamon, an ancient civilizations museum, which I haven’t been to since originally going with my sister in 2007. The museum is fantastic because they actually have full scale buildings/structures built with many of the original parts. This time I went with my friend Taylor though, yes, another Taylor. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned her before, but she’s an nanny from  Wisconsin (?) I met through CS.

Friday was a quiet night as the next day would be the first day I ever registered for university courses. And then it happened. All went well and I got into all the courses I wanted to. It almost seemed like all of the other 1st years didn’t seem to know what was going on seeing as I had no competition even getting into courses that were 96% full. After that was finished I celebrated by going out with Beni and Tobi and enjoying gelato and a punk anarchy festival that was randomly taking place in the streets of F-Shain.

Sunday started off frantic as I woke up to my Dutch friend Sanne calling me saying she was in Berlin at Mauer Park and was leaving at 2:30pm and it would probably be the last time I saw her before she flew to South America and I went home…. it was 12:00pm… Mauer park is a 40minute U-Bahn. Anyway I got there around 1:45 and spent a little time together and before saying our “see you soon’s.” After that I dropped by Jan’s place for a nice visit and then went to lay in Treptower park in the sun (oh ya, the weather’s been over 20ºC the last week, hence the entry title) and listen to music.

Monday was spent enjoying some good wine and then attending one of Jan’s experimental music shows. This is the second time I’ve seen him and again it was great. I then spent some time talking to his friend Gioia about India and all the joys that come along with visiting the wonderful country.

Tuesday was a household dinner. The first time in a long time that we’ve all sat down together. The night was full of good wine… again, pizza, apple crumble, and ice cream. Oh, and lots of laughs. The last two days have been pretty chill. I’ll go out tonight though. Peace and Love, Taylor.


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