To Mag(deburg) And Back

On Wednesday morning I woke up around 5 am as I usually do to wake up and get a busking license for the proceeding week. I then made my way to the busking office via S-Bahn in my usual fashion and then for the second week in a row was majorly let down by the number I drew and decided to leave before actually buying a station. Everything was pretty normal except this time, but instead of heading in the direction of home I went the opposite way. I was off to Magdeburg (via a difficult thumbing experience). Now I wouldn’t expect any of you to now where Magdeburg is; the “city” is about 2 hours southwest of Berlin by highway and is where Tobi is currently finishing up his dance contract. Tobi has been working for the city theater in this typically East German city for the last year and after putting up with the satanic company for so long he has finally decided to cut his contract and move to Berlin with Beni. They are moving to Berlin today. Well they decided to invite me, before they left last Tuesday, to Magdeburg just to check it out and meet some their friends. I haphazardly said “maybe.” So on Wednesday afternoon I surprised both of them, one via email and one via jumping up from his porch window, by showing up in Magdeburg. The night of my arrival was pretty chill, it consisted of buying about 7 euros worth of junk food (which is a lot of junk food), finding a wild hedgehog, and staying up all night learning how to play Warcraft 3.

The next day was a day spend exploring Magdeburg, and it’s many churches, and meeting some of Tobi’s company friends. We walked through Magdeburg for a while to eventually arrive at a giant outdoor stage the company built for a production of Evita. After watching a few numbers and meeting some people we headed out to find some food. Naturally that food became Döner and we chilled by the river while eating our “dinner.” We finished the night off by walking down the river and finding this crazy spinny thing in a park, which was kind of reminiscent of the strawberry ride at carnivals, and chilling on it for a good while.

Saturday was mainly spent in a place dubbed “The Bunker” jamming and trying to make some makeshift recordings for Tobi’s band. That night Beni and Tobi stayed in because they had a huge day the next day, but I decided to go out with all of Tobi’s dance friends and ended up going out till 4am and even went to a club that was above a kebab shop.

The next day I hitchhiked back to Berlin with a single ride with a very nice and conversational art handler and had an early sleep once I arrived home. So needless to say I would never live in Magdeburg, but despite a little bro drama Magdeburg was an alright town, which made for an eventful “vacation.” Peace and Love, Taylor.

The Bunker


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