Yippee Ki-yay Mother F**ker

Sorry about the title of this blog… nothing was coming to mind. So, I’ll just start were I left off. Wednesday night I decided to make brownies and watch Die Hard 2 with Beni, thus that is what I proceeded to do. The brownies were amazing… so was DH2. At the same time Jasmine’s climber friend Aga came over and I managed to convince her to have some brownie after she had done two week without sweets. My brownie making skills won! The next night I went to a CSer’s house for a night of improv/German lessons. The CSer, Jens, was into theater and wanted to see if he could combine improvisation theater with the learning of the German language. It was fun, but I felt it was not too effective for actually learning German (and it happens on Museum Thursdays). It’s up in the air if I’ll go back or not.

On Friday Beni and I decided we needed to go on an adventure so we hopped on our bikes and made our way to a new undiscovered park. No recommendations, we just saw it on google maps and decided we’d bike to it. On the way we picked up some Döner, beverages & candy and enjoyed the sunshine. I tree climbed for a while and life was good. The next day Beni and I went to meet his friend Tobias and had some amazing falafel and gelato in Kreuzberg. I’ll definitely be going back to the gelato place. We then met up with Jas and Kaj and went bouldering. Bouldering is like rock climbing, but with no rope on tiny walls that are only about 3 meters high at the most. That night Beni’s bro Tobi arrived and Lukas also came back from Austria.

The nest day Jas and I explored a Turkish flee market we’ve never been to.  It was completely how a market should be. There was literally a woman with a table full of crap yelling “Everything 20 cent!” In German though. So cheap, so sketchy, so good. On Monday Tobi, Beni and I decided to go on another adventure. This time it was to the Berlin International Culture Festival. Pretty much FolkFest on speed. After enjoying some great world music and world food we took an hour and a half walk home through some really nice parts of Berlin. This brings us to today, which was a chill day. Beni and Tobi went back to Magdeburg, where Tobi lives to finish some business before they both move here, so the house was just the four roommates. This was quite nice.

One thing that I have neglected to talk about though which has been a part of my life for the last two weeks is that Templehof Airport, the airport that is two blocks from my house and has been closed since 2008 has been turned into a city park. The space which is roughly 3 times the size of the UVic campus (or bigger than Central Park in NY) is all a public park space now and forever. A space that could have been developed and sold for hundreds of millions of dollars (in a city which is billions of dollars in debt) has been turned into a space for the people. I tell you, only in Berlin. I have been spending many of my mornings getting up early and biking the 6km bike path that circles the park. I must say it truly an odd, but beautiful and surreal sight to see people running, rollerblading, and biking down a runway. Peace and Love, Taylor.


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