What Happened?

Sorry team, I guess in my head I wrote an entry about a week ago and then I told myself I’d write a new one around this time, but truth be told I haven’t written anything since May 6th…. oh Taylor you crazy ass kid. Anywho I guess I owe the few readers I have an entry, so here it goes. As of Wednesday the 12th the craziness, which I spoke of in my last entry subsided. Jocelyne & Alanna continued their journey and Sam & Kevin found a place for, at least, the next month. Before that happened though Tuesday night occurred, which consisted of a nice relaxing dinner, a small in-home art show by Kate (über wonderful), and Lukas randomly leaving for Vienna. Okay we knew he was leaving for a while, but we didn’t know when he’d leave, or come back for that matter, but we’re sure he’s enjoying visiting Marisa in Vienna. So peeps left  Wednesday and there was a day and a half of rest… then more people came. Luckily these people were Jasmine’s mom, Kathy, her friend Greg, and Jasmine’s other friend Bean and his friend (note: I am honestly not worried with the structure of that last sentence). So due to circumstances there was a little less energy needed on my end since I had no hosting duties.

As for events of life, the night before new guests came I helped Jas’ dance company out and helped construct a stage and an audience for a show dance called “Not So” that Jasmine danced in on Friday night; the reason why her guests came. The setting up was quite great actually as our BC friend Beni, who is currently in the process of moving to Berlin, was there to keep me company (along with Kaj & Johannes, climbers) and the fact that I was in a theater setting. Oh theater, how I love thee. I show was super enjoyable and it was great to finally see Jasmine dance after living with her for 7 months and knowing her for longer. My opinion might be biased, but I though she was the best. We then all went out for drinks along with a bunch of other friends of Jasmine and mine who came to the show.

The next night was spent getting to know Kathy and Greg a bit after making a yummy batch of cookies. Jas and I went down the road to a bar with them and enjoyed drink as well as a great solo performance by a solo act by the name of Sarsaparilla. Kaj later met up with us and when K&G went back to the apartment Jas, Kaj, and I went out to an enjoyable house party.

Kathy and Greg left yesterday and I watch Die Hard for the first time and now you’re caught up in the life of Taylor. Peace and Love.


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