A Full Free Love

Oh what a lack of updating there has been. I would like to say I have been busy, which I have been, but not enough to neglect this wonderful blog. Well here it goes then. The days after last entry were kind of quiet but I got somethings I have been meaning to do done; such as tuning up my bike at a donation self repair bike shop called Regenboganfabrik. Things started getting more uptempo as of Tuesday night when Sam (a Canadian friend who visited last year and decided to move to Berlin now) and his boyfriend Kevin arrived. They’re staying at Free Love until they find a place in Berlin. Oliver left the next day to the Netherlands and I wish him a great rest of his trip.

On Thursday Sam, Kevin, and I spent the first day hanging out and went and ran some errands like finding me a mattress constructed of stolen shipping pallets, getting Sam’s violin repaired, and looking at all the crazy second hand stores around Neukölln. Thing got even more quickly paced on Friday when Marisa and two friends arrived for the weekend just for a little visit. And then next day got even crazier when my cousin Jocelyn and her friend Alanna arrived to Berlin to finish up their Euro-journey together. They’re here until the 11th-12th. So on Sunday, with Kate’s boyfriend, Martin, and Jasmine having Ray over, the Free Love count of people sleeping over was 13. A new record for our 5 room apartment.

Having Jocelyn and Alanna over has meant a lot of great action. On the Saturday night they arrived we started strong by quickly coming back to the apartment and dropping off their backs and then quickly hitting the streets for May 1st Protest. May 1st across Europe and South America is a worker’s day protest, but in Berlin it’s more of a giant party in the streets of Kreuzberg… with 6000 police walking around just incase. These photo’s sum up the night if you can imagine stages set up everywhere with a lot of Electronic/Dance music blasting as well:

Photo by Yoad Ezra

Photo by Yoad Ezra

Needless to say it was a pretty mad introduction to Berlin for the girls.

The next day was a chill day in Mauerpark. The weather wasn’t as beautiful as last weekend, but it was still super. The girls and I sat and probably watch Bearpit Karaoke for two and a half hours. Some epic performances. That night was the night of many people and we also had a great time as José and a friend showed up for some drinks and we played music and told stories late into the night. A packed, but fun house.

Monday and Tuesday were work days for me as the girls went and discovered the city. Then last night after a day of busking the girls, Sam, and me met up at the Tee Haus for Vokü, saw some familiar faces and played some chess. We then wandered around F-shain for a while to eventually go to the house of Paula, Sam’s Canadian friend. We then met more people at this small bar, run by this hilarious Polish woman, to dance the night away, which brings us today. The weather’s miserable so we’re all taking a at home day and doing some baking. Hope all is well in the West. Peace and Love,  Taylor.


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