Quite Weekdays, Crazed Weekend

The title is pretty self explanatory really. During the week there was mainly Jeremie recovery because though we all love the guy, you manage to find yourself doing a lot of crazy things while in his presence. So quite frankly Wednesday, with the exception of one of my better busking days in a while, and Thursday were chill out days. Then the weekend hit.

Friday wasn’t actually too crazy. It was just mainly Oliver, Lukas, Phillip, and I staying up way to late watching youtube and drinking some beers. The next night was quite the late one though. Oli decided he needed to find a party and I would be his wing-man. I was okay with this as he wanted to go out the pervious night and I had kinda ditched him for my mattress. So off we went, first to the Tee Haus to chill, meet up with some people, and have some food. We were informed George, one of the “Tee Hausers” was having a house party. We first went down to Revalerstr. 99 to check out some clubs and explore a bit, but after that we met up with everyone else at George’s. It was a quiet party at George’s, but I got to see some people I haven’t seen in a while and have some really good conversations. Around 3:30 Oli wanted to find a club so we did. We hit up a club called Maria, which is normally good, but unfortunately on Saturday it had fairly bad DJ and the wrong crowd; the “touristy” kind. We survived until about 6 and then decided to bike home. I have to say though biking at that time of the day, especially on a good day (which it was), has to be one of my favorite things.

Of course we slept in on Sunday, but once we woke up around noon it was straight off the show Oli Mauerpark and oh what a day it was. Blue skies, 22ºc, music everywhere, 600 people at karaoke, pure love. Oli even joined in a sang at karaoke. he may of butchered The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations,” but at least he sang. The park was packed with hand drummers, lovers taking naps on each other, funk bands, people picnicking, D&B DJs, jugglers, and the usual great market. It was buzzing. Yes, Mauerpark was it’s usual brilliant self. Can’t wait till next Sunday. Peace and Love,  Taylor.

Oliver singing some tunes.


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