20ºC With A Chance Of Goodness

Okay lots to catch you up on. Lets start with the bad news and then work to all the cool stuff that has been happening. The bad news is I went to Mamas & Virgins on Monday to play for a fourth time. When I arrived there was a closed sign; needless to say I was somewhat confused. I noted people within the cafe so I poked my head in and after a “go-ahead” made my way into the cafe. It turns out the owners, who were there to explain, had to let the cafe project go as they had many other projects on the go and had no time for the cafe anymore. Unfortunately since it was only after two months of trying to run it. So for the time being, until they find a new owner, which they are currently in the process of doing, no M&Vs for Taylor. So that minorly sucks, but not to much of a downer; especially when this weather has emerged from its hiding place!

Along with great weather Lukas has returned. Thus, nearly after a month without Lukas, as I was in Barcelona and then he went back to Austria, Free Love finally is back to its four person roster. Yay! Last Tuesday I decided to do some exploring so I visited the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park that I have heard so much about. It truly is epic. Here is a picture for your enjoyment.

Note: 15m Soviet solider with babe in arms crushing a swastika!?!?!

After seeing this mighty statue, which by way by has 7000 Soviet soldiers buried underneath it, and reading up on its construction, I biked around the park a little more. I then made my way to a patch of grass to lie in the sunshine for a while. Pure bliss.

Wednesday I busked as I usually do. Thursday was my third Museum Thursday. This time I made my way up to Check Point Charlie, one of the biggest border crossing between East and West Berlin in the time of the wall, and visited the open air exhibit that covers the entire history of the wall. A lot of the information I already knew, but I did get some more in-depth individual stories surrounding the wall and it was a good refresher.

The weekend was a weekend of eating. On Friday Jasmine, Ray (one of the climbers) and myself prepared a huge dinner for the three of us and enjoyed a dinner that included meat in it. The first time in a while I’ve ate meat in Free Love. Saturday I ventured to Mitte and met up with my friend Sanne, who I visited in Holland during the winter, because she was visiting Berlin. We spent time hanging out in some parks listening to buskers with Gito and his other Dutch friend. Around 6 Sanne and I biked back down to Free Love and made  a very good dinner which we shared with Lukas. Around this time Jeremie returned to Berlin, with another Canadian friend from Jasper, Oliver. Jeremie and Oliver are currently staying with us right now. Once we finished dinner we met with Gito and friend again and visited another one their friends, a French guy named Ben. After a few drinks and good conversation at Ben’s place with a bunch of other people we all hit the streets looking for a good bar. After going to a few we finally settled on one. Uri, one of Jasmine’s dancing friends was coincidentally there. Around 4am Sanne and Gito decided it was time to go home, but Uri was leaving at the same time, Uri and I went out for another 2 hours at this great underground bar in my neighbourhood.

The next day was Sunday so I made my way to Mauerpark to meet up with Jasmine and her climbing friends and do some climbing at an outdoor wall. It quite fun and about midway through the climbing session we had a very nice picnic. We then went back home and made another big dinner and caught up with Jeremie and got to know Oliver’s story.

Yesterday I went a did a little bit of busking. The first time off license in a while. Jeremie, Oliver, and I later that night went to one of our friend’s projects and chilled and conversed over pretzels for a few hours. Us guys then hit a bar for a beer and headed back home after another late night. So I’ve been keeping busy and it seems like it will stay like this for the next few months and that thought excites me. Peace and Love, Taylor.


One Response to “20ºC With A Chance Of Goodness”

  1. June Saracuse Says:

    Hey Tay,
    It is so cool that you are doing this Thursday museum thing. When you take history courses on WW !! and Germany, etc it will be so much more meaningful for you and you will have such indepth knowledge, having lived in Berlin and having taken advantage of all the museums, history and culture. I realize you know a lot of the history already but talk about bringing it to life!
    Miss you, Love you

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