Bed To Desk To Bed

Hello all, the last week has been somewhat uneventful because I was busy trying to hand in a bunch of work for a deadline for the First Nation Studies (FNS) course. Luckily everything was handed in and marks were kept high. Despite some uneventfulness let me recall the week’s highlights.

Last Saturday I went out with Jasmine to a party and met the majority of her climbing friends, which I had heard so much about. It was night of dancing, chatting, & fun and I even had some of my spending money left over the next morning. Monday marked me making my way through the first, and only, season of Glee. I know it’s shameful, but I must admit I do quite enjoy it. What can I say, it’s lighthearted pleasant entertainment. With Glee out of way though it was nothing but FNS for most of the week.

On Thursday I attempted to participate in my second Museum Thursday, but since I was busy with the course I decided not to stray off too far from home so I decided to go to the Museum of Neukölln, a museum covering the history of the district I live in. I biked to the museum, but when I arrived there was a notice saying it was closed until May 1st. Noooooo. My second Museum Thursday failed already, but I do not fret. The hump in the schedule just means  have to go to another museum on a non-Thursday at some point to catch up, which I really don’t mind doing. Especially seeing as I now have a list of Museums to see.

The last exciting part of my week occurred yesterday when I met up with an old high school friend, Remy, who is currently doing a “Eurotrip” right now with her friend Robin. We met up after their free tour that they were on concluded and then went for a coffee, or my case a hot chocolate, to catch up. They’re here until Wednesday so we’ll probably meet up once more before they leave. So all is good in Berlin and life is still splendid. Peace and Love, Taylor.


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