It Must Be The B’s

Berlin… Barcelona… Bictoria (okay maybe not), they are all great cities. Yes, you guessed it right; my last week in Barcelona has been great. Good weather, great architecture, a little partying, and a great group of kids. “Kids?” you ask. Well as you know, if you’ve been keeping up with the blog, I came to Barcelona to meet up with my aunt Carma and uncle Scott. Well there is more to the story. They came to Barcelona in order to bail out a friend of theirs that was bringing a school group here. The school group had the magic number of 15 people until two kids had to ditch, so Carma & Scott saved the day and jumped in. C&S’s chaperone duties are sparse though, as there are 8 students and 7 adults… and one drifter if we count me. The kids are anywhere between 16 to 18 and, I have found, have been a very positive and fun group. That is, of course, excluding any small bursts of drama there may have been, but really you bring a group of high school kids out of their country there’s bound to be some drama.

Let me give a quick run through of what’s been happening over the last few days though; and it’s going to be quick even though a lot has happened. On day one I met up with Carma at the hotel and we caught up and then continued to do some more catching up as we walked around the city checking out some Gaudi architecture. The buildings were absolutely stunning and imaginative, to say the least.

Guadi architecture.

I then met everyone that night. Then next day was a walk up to the Olympic Park that hosted the ’92 Summer Games. We then proceeded higher and higher up the landscape to one Barcelona’s premier castle where we had a great view to snap some pictures.

Wednesday afternoon was spent meeting up with a dance friend of Jasmine’s, Morgan, a super cool Canadian guy who shreds, metal music that is, on his guitar. Then there was Wednesday night, which was St. Patrick’s Day. Therefore a lot of the kids had their first experience going to a bar, along with first flight, metro, & time out of N. America, for a lot of them. They jumped right into the swing of it a started to party hard. The party got even more jumping as I went to the street, mainly to get cheaper beer for myself, and managed to rope a large group of Italian students into the bar, to add to the Austrian students who had earlier entered. The kids had a blast to say the least. Thursday was beach day; enough said. Thursday night was a quick jot up to the Miro Museum, which was great… at least for a few others and myself. Yesterday was mainly a Dali day as we went on an excursion out of Barcelona to visit the Dali museum and Dali’s home that he built and spent most of his adult life in. This was one of my favorite days so far if you eliminate my tiredness and soar throat.

That brings us up to today. Most of my free time has been spent wandering around the city in my usual solo manner and enjoying the sun that has been so absent from Berlin. Hope all is well in the east. Peace and Love, Taylor.


One Response to “It Must Be The B’s”

  1. June Saracuse Says:

    it’s sounds so fantastic Taylor.
    I am so jealous! …and happy for you at the same time.
    Love Mom

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