Dear Diary… I mean… uhhhh…. well this is awkward. Oh ya! Hello readers *wipes sweaty forehead in relief*. So, I am writing this while I am sitting in Frankfurt Hahn Airport, which really isn’t in Frankfurt or anywhere close to it… it’s actually closer to Köln. I knew this before hand though, so we’re in the clear. I would be typing this on WordPress as most airports offer wifi, but alas you have to pat T-mobile 8 Euros if you want to access internet here. But enough bitching about location and lack of internet; the last weekend has been a mad scrabble to get everything together before heading to Barcelona, which happens in roughly 9½ hours. I successfully completed everything with the exception of the website I promised to show you wonderful people. Shame on me. Well it’s pretty much done with the exception of a few minor details that were supposed to be smoothed out on Saturday, but Billie called into the office asking for a sick day. So the closure I wanted to put on that saga of Berlin was unsuccessful, but everything else I had on my to do list was completed. That was literally my week though. Not much excitement, but that is totally okay because tomorrow I’ll be in Barcelona living it up! I look forward to telling you about it. Oh ya hitching was good too, got picked up by some interesting people. Peace and Love you shiny people.



One Response to “Barcelona!”

  1. T Mobile keeps those eight dollars in a holding account with deep shame.

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