Sing, Sing, Sing

Hello readers, are you time for an update? Sure you are, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. So lots of news. First off I am off to Barcelona for ten days! In a few days I hitch down to Frankfurt and hop on a RyanAir flight to Barcelona. Now most of you are asking yourself, first, why Barcelona, and second, how is a poor man such as myself affording a trip like this? Número uno, I was talking to my Aunt Carma on skype about a week, or so, back and she informed me her and her boyfriend, Scott, were going to Barcelona. She suggested I come meet up with them, to which I replied, “I’m kinda broke.” So Carma so graciously offered if I found a cheap flight she would pay for ticket. So on I went to RyanAir and did just that. I bought the ticket on Friday. “Now don’t you need more money to actually travel day to day Taylor?” you might be asking yourself. Well between my parents being stoked about the idea of me meeting Carma in Spain and giving my some extra dough, me finding 100 euros on the S-Bahn (to which I tried to get back to the owner, but to no avail. Hard to do when there’s no ID with the money), and getting payed a little bit from Billie for finishing the website, I can afford this trip. Woot.

Speaking of Billie I am finishing up my internship this weekend. After four months working with her I felt that it was time to move on. I gained some experience, but it wasn’t in the general field I am interested in. Thus I will start focusing my time on doing what I didn’t get to do with this internship. It was good, but a little too much of a time commitment, especially when one has rent to pay. The website will be finished this weekend though and I will post it for all you lovely people. Also in Billie news her Album Release Show was on Saturday. It was a good night, the crowd was a bit unresponsive, but Billie sounded good. The first two opening acts were great as well.

In other news “free love” had many guests this weekend as, once again, Marisa (Lukas’ GF) visited bring three friends with her. As well Jasmine had her friend Egal here for a dance audition that happened Sunday and one of Beni’s dancer friends, Jack, who didn’t stay, but came for a visit since he was in town for the same audition. With Marisa staying though it meant good food the whole weekend. I tell ya, Lukas has got himself one hell of a catch!

Yesterday was a super eventful day as I had my first show at Mama’s & Virgins. Though it was a small turn out it was still a pleasant practice round in a sense. My friend Gito, who I met in Budapest this summer, dropped by for the show, which was unexpected, but great. I invited him over after the show and we had a good chat. As well Jasmine has gone away for the next few weeks. First she goes to do a exhibition at an art festival and then she flies to the Bahamas to teach little kids movement classes for two weeks. Hence she’s renting her room out to an really nice Mexican guy name Julian. Julian showed up on Monday and also joined in on Gito and I’s chat. And lastly on Monday, my friend Eric, a 6’7′ American trash writer who I met at the Tee Haus, had his last night in town before moving to St. Petersburg, Russia. So we engaged in one of his favorite pastimes, Karaoke. It was a great night full of Madonna, Aretha, Elton John, and other classics. Most of the regulars from the Tee Haus showed up as well, so it was great to catch up with all of them.

To end, pretty busy with starting up BC First Nations 12 course, which I need for uni, but it quite interesting and easy. Lots of stuff to do before Barcelona on Monday so I’d better get to it.

Peace and Love,


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