GOODBYE SNOW… Actually This Time

Yes, only two days after I actually started to complain the weather, the clouds parted, the sun shined, and the snow disappeared. Here’s a visual:

Taken from my balcony.

What a wonderful sight it was to wake up to, the sun shining into my room, the bird chirping, small forest animals dressing me ♪ Cinderella Cinderella ♪. At that moment I knew it was the end über crappy weather. I could finally escape the confines of my house and spread my wings (kind of like R-Kelly). The first thing I did was started by hitting the streets to buy supplies for some fliers Billie wanted me to make. The next day,  after making the posters, I hopped on my bike (oh, what a feelin’) and went posting. I rained a bit while I was walking around finding street lamps to put notices up, but at least it wasn’t snow. Even though it rained the sky quickly apologized by become bright and sunny again (that’s the day I took the photo).

The next day was Sunday and it was quite obvious what I was to do. I was going to find people, and then a bar, and watch the Men’s Gold Metal Game. What a game it was! We had a sport bar packed with Canadians on one side and Americans on the other. Thing were tense, but in a friendly way. I would run you through the game but I can imagine you already watched and felt the same things I did. Once the game was won by the Canadians I made sure a round of “Oh Canada” was sung by the whole bar. A good time was had by all… except the Americans who speedily finished their drinks and exited the bar.

Today was a pretty relaxed day. The one thing that was exciting though is that I picked up a bunch of these… note the bottom:

"hello world famous career"


One Response to “GOODBYE SNOW… Actually This Time”

  1. What portion of the people in the bar were wearing team-oriented, colour-coordinated, clothing? It would look pretty cool if each side of the side of bar was dressed in appropriate colours. I could imagine a cool looking photograph of one side cheering or something.

    Regardless, that was a fun story to consume.

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