The Snow Is Gone!… Oh Wait… Shit… Nevermind

I woke this morning realizing it was time to, and that I wanted to, update my blog. With the last few days being sunny the snow has been gradually melting away to my pleasure. Don’t get my wrong, I really do enjoy snow, but I will not ignore the fact that it can become very debilitating when it come to normal day doings. So after waking up early, 5:30am, in order to head down south to pick up my busking licenses for the week, I stepped outside to see that the ice and snow had melted even more overnight. I was delighted. I boarded the train and zoned out. As I got off the train to my displeasure it was snowing. The weather was doing so well and it had to screw up… as is life. Really though, despite it’s inconveniences, I am not a snow hater. Let’s get to more “less ranty” news now.

For the most part I have been super busy doing a combination of busking, creating the website for Billie, and trying to quickly get my shit together in order to apply for university for the fall term. I have been able to stick some other things in though. First off, after several months of not reading (shame on me), I finally picked up the book Perfume, a x-mas gift Tara & Steve got for me, and read it. Quite an amazing book. I would recommend it to anyone who can deal with a darker side of fantasy. I am now on to Chuck Curry’s x-mas gift, The Drifters. Good start thus far.

As for events of such, for Valentines day I surprised the household with a big batch of pancakes with whip cream hearts drawn on top. Just call me Mr. Awesome-Flatmate. In all honesty though the pancakes were more like crapes… we didn’t have flour. This Sunday I went to my friend Daniel’s house for a little party and had quite the enjoyable evening.

Last update would be that I have now got myself a gig playing guitar and singing very Monday evening at a bio cafe just down the street. After a nice walk Jasmine and I took (considering the weather was getting nicer…) we discovered this newly opened coffee shop. I decided the next day to go in and ask if I could play and one thing led to another and now I have a spot for Monday evenings. A nice alternative to busking in the cold subway stations. I don’t start till the Monday after next, but I’ll let you know how it goes. Peace and Love all. -Taylor


One Response to “The Snow Is Gone!… Oh Wait… Shit… Nevermind”

  1. June Saracuse Says:

    thanks for the update Tay. I am sure it won’t be long before the snow is completely gone and the sun is shining. I am waiting for that to happen here too – the spring weather I mean. Love Mom

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