The Pine Has Blown Away…

After 16 days Aidan Pine, a visiting friend from Victoria, finally departed from the “free love” household to make his way to Tanzanian, but not after he had an eventful last week first. The fun started when Jasmine, Aidan, and myself attended an art gallery opening in our neighborhood. The visual art was quite good; mainly one artist using graphic mediums. There was then a short contemporary dance piece that was hard to call dance in my opinion, but it was still good and had it’s visual pleasing moments. I also randomly met up with my friend Gito, who I met a Sziget Festival in Budapest this summer. He’s also best friends with Sanne, the girl I visited in the Netherlands just after Christmas. Gito and I had planned to meet up a few days earlier and it didn’t happen. Meeting at the gallery was complete coincidence, but it was great to catch up with him. We finished off the evening with a few drinks at “A” bar.

I believe the next day Aidan and myself went uptown to a practice studio and jammed for an hour. Aidan’s a fantastic drummer so it was great to play with him. Well, it was great to play with a drum kit in general. We even switched up for a few minutes, but quickly decided to switch back. Later we went to a friend of Aidan’s who he met in Burma. We spent a good few hours at Kia’s discussing politics and such.

The 11th was a great night because Aidan celebrated his 19th Birthday. Jasmine and Aidan slaved over a lasagna that took them 4 hours to make (don’t worry I helped prep), but it ended up being very worth it. It was a stellar dish. We also prepared a zucchini carrot cake with cream cheese icing on top. It was downright addictive. We topped this meal off with cheap wine and good beer. I made sure to pick Aidan up some small presents as well. First was a pink whistle since I knew he might be facing “heat” (that’s slang for danger for the older readers) because I figured the airport wouldn’t be too syked if I bought him a weapon to bring. Second was a Sudoku book because if you know Aidan between his Rubik’s cube and the quiz site, “sporcle” I got him addicted to, he loves a challenge. I figured he needed to make good use of the time he has in Africa. Third was a Rubik’s cube with safari animals on each side…. it was just perfect really. Needless to say this Birthday beat the last one he had where he got food poisoning in South East Asia.

For Aidan’s last night we went and had an evening at a Ska show. Really it ended being more of a Russian dance band really, but it was great to rock out to in the end. Now Aidan has left us. I wish him the best of luck in Africa.

Other than these event life is quite normal, but enjoyable. Peace and Love,     Taylor


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  1. tarasaracuse Says:

    You eat lasagna now?

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