Time For An Update!

As promised, but a day late, here is a life update. Let’s start you from where I left off two posts ago. The day is the 22nd of January, the weekend begins. My friend Christina, who I CSed for a week with, was celebrating her birthday on this fine day and she planned it a little late so her plan was to bring the party to everybody else. She had her birthday party on the metro S-bahn ring. A metro line that runs around city center and takes about 1 hour to do a full circle. She rode it three times around and I joined in for one of the rides around. As a birthday present I brought myself and my guitar and provided music for an hour. She was quite pleased. The next night Lukas and I made our way to a music show that a few of our friends put on, that is after Lukas got us lost of about 25 minutes in -10c weather, but we finally made it. We played a little bit of table soccer and then watched two Scottish bands play their hearts out. It was good to see some old faces and doing some catching up. A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

The week was filled with the usual, working for Billie, watching movies, having drinks with friend, and busking. Luckily enough busking has been getting better and better. My last three licensed days of busking I have made over 50 euros in 4 hours. All I need to do is to add more songs to my repertoire in order keep myself sane.

Then the weekend started again. This weekend the “free love” household decided to throw a party. We invited about 30 people and about 50 showed up. Typical really, the apartment was full to say the least. It was a good time though, met a lot of new people. My friend Aidan from back home showed up in the afternoon that day, so we left a good first impression. He must have enjoyed himself though since he’s still here. Marisa is also visiting, and making lots a yummy things. The next night Aidan and myself made it over to a party that my friend Nina hosted. She was leaving for Spain, Portugal for six months so it was going away party, I met more new people there.

Since then I have mainly played tour guide for Aidan, which has been a blast. As well on Tuesday I went to my first contemporary dance show with Jasmine. It was a really good show called Trust. It was great to be back in a theater environment. I forgot how much I missed it. To conclude, as usual, life is great. Peace and Love,   Taylor.


One Response to “Time For An Update!”

  1. >All I need to do is to add more songs to my repertoire in order keep myself sane.

    This made me laugh out loud. Do you remember the crazy fiddle man from downtown Vic? The one who dresses up as Darth Vader and has light saber fights with strangers on the street? I worked across the street from that guy for two years, and in all that time, he played ONE (do you hear me, ONE) song for upwards of eight hours a day…five days a week. Yes Tay, for the love of god learn more songs. The people walking past may not notice your repetition, but the people who work in the area certainly will. Think of the workers Tay! The workers!!

    PS-I don’t think Darth Fiddle was all that sane…

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