One Year Anniversary

Today marks my one year anniversary away from home. On February 2nd, 2009 I boarded a ferry to Vancouver to grab my flight to Singapore the next day. Crazy to think it’s only been one year, yet it’s even more astonishing the time went by so quickly (my own mother suggested it went fast even before I had the time to mention it’s speediness). I have accomplished a lot this past year. Traveled to over 22 countries, obtained a German visa, found a flat in Berlin, and managed to get a “job.” This was among seeing amazing sights, trying new things, meeting amazing people, eating new foods, and gathering mass amounts of useful knowledge and experience. Looking back I can’t help but feel quite accomplished. I have made mistakes along the way, but learnt from them in the long run. Well I should stop with the cheesy self reflection because all I really have to say is that I’ve had a fucking awesome time…. excuse my language.

I’ll update you about day to day life tomorrow, but alas, Febraury 2nd is about to conclude and I feel I must drink to my accomplishments. Feel free to have a drink as well when you read this even if February 2nd has no significance for yourself. Peace and Love,  Taylor.


2 Responses to “One Year Anniversary”

  1. Tay, its been a great year for you, and i hope this next year is even better for you!
    BUT I MUST SAY, your second to last sentence is very unTRUE!
    February second, is GroundHog Day!
    Whats better than a bunny?
    Kookier than Klaus?
    Happier than Hallowe’en?


  2. Lawrence Saracuse Says:

    Hi Tay. I am sitting in Starbucks Squamish BC to get WiFi, since the cruise ship I am housed in while supervising Athlete’s Dining Room at Whistler (Opening Ceremonies tomorrow – 2010 Winter Olympics – GO Canada!) is without WiFi, although it does sport four dial up intermet connections (slow slow slow). It is great to catch up on your blog. It’s good to hear about your friendships and flatmates, etc. One Year WOW!
    I know it is the BEST year yet for you – but with your great spirit – numerous bigger better years will follow. LOVE you. Miss you. “Pray” for Auntie Jill and all of Mom’s family – all together in Ottawa right now.

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