Subways and Flatmates

Hello all, it’s been a while, but to be honest there’s not been much to write about, but now there is! I’ve been getting back into busking in a big way. After a dry spell I have now started to busk licensed and unlicensed. I get licenses for good stations for full days and then I do 2 hour “power busks” at random stations. Though in the end I make more money in the good stations during a full day of work, the power busking has proved to be quite useful. On Monday I made 15 euros in an hour and a half and today I made 23.46 euros in an hour and forty-five minutes. Pretty good I’d say.

I have also been doing a lot for Billie as of late. I decided to switch blog providers and start the blog/website from scratch to make it easier for me and easier for Billie in the long run as well. On top of this her album release is approaching quickly so I am doing a lot of internet promotional stuff for her. Sending out emails, updating her social networking sites, etc. As well, I’ve been helping set up her new mac laptop.

In other news I’ve been watching a fair amount of movies lately. Mostly at home, but I did treat myself and go to see Avatar in 3D at the IMax with Rob. I was quite happy I went. It really did a number on my expectations though. Though the visuals were truly amazing, they did not quite blow me out of the water as much as Titanic did (Cameron’s, the director, last movie). Don’t get me wrong though, if Cameron decided to make the room you’re sitting in a CGI image you wouldn’t know the difference. As for the story and dialog, it wasn’t as bad as I was told it would be. The dialog did get cheesy towards the end and the story is basically Pocahontas in space, but how often does hollywood present an original idea anyway? Make sure to catch (500) Days of Summer and Adventureland though. Wow, this blog is slowly turning into a movie blog it seems?

Anyways back to real life. Unfortunately Antonia, our wonderful flatmate at the “Free Love” household, is leaving us. After returning from Christmas she got laid off from her job at a café for taking too much time off. Seeing as she has a dance contract that starts in August there is no point in her staying in Berlin when she could be making more money with in Bern, Switzerland where her boyfriend lives. Don’t worry too much, even though Antonia can never be replaced, we have found a fabulous new person to fill her shoes. As of tomorrow, Kate, a very nice, soft-spoken Australian will be moving in. Myself and Antonia originally had her over for a WG (shared flat) casting (oh, how the tables have turned) and later invited her over for dinner last night. She jelled nicely with Lukas and Jasmine and we asked her to be her roommate this morning. It was all quite quick, but I believe she’s an excellent choice.

Other than that referenced above, I am enjoying life as usual. We have been pretty quiet here in the “Free Love” household as far as visitor, but we are awaiting some people for the very near future. Hope all is well with you awesome readers. Peace and Love,   Taylor


5 Responses to “Subways and Flatmates”

  1. June Saracuse Says:

    Hey Tay,
    Nice surprise to see something on the blog.
    I hope there are other readers out there besides me!
    Love Mom

  2. taylorsaracuse Says:

    That’s encouraging words Mom…. Thanks?

    • i can honestly say ive read every entry of Tay’s travel blog & im up to date with Tay’s Berlin days WHOOOOOOOOOOO!
      this is also coming from one who checks for updates daily, because of having a very empty schedule

      but fear not my fellow respondees! for i have something boredom cannot subdue!


  3. So, Blake has gas and Tay has a new flatmate…This blog never fails to surprise me…

    Glad things are good. Haven’t seen Avatar yet. Will try to convince Steve to see (500) Days of Summer.

  4. Rosemary MacDonald Says:

    Hey Tay,

    Love the blog, follow faithfully!

    I feel like I have been right beside you on your very vividly described adventures. So vivid in fact, I nearly needed gravol (Don’t like tunnels or bugs) Now Berlin, I’m pictureing beautiful gabled Bavarian homes with window sills and roof tops frosted white with snow, while the mingling scents of cinnamon and ginger waft through the air from the corner bakery. (Avrill and I could effortlessly scope out each and every bakery within a mile radius.)

    Hope you’re staying warm and cozy. It’s mild here with frequent high wind warnings. (Though that may just be Blake) Thanks for the the greats cards, stay safe, gotta go busk!

    Love Rose

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