A Couch And Finances

Honestly I don’t have much to write about this entry, but alas, I did promise to update the blog more often, so here I am, writing an entry. In the past five days I have mainly been working for Billie. I am currently designing her official website (I promise to post it when it’s done). It goes well and I am learning about the world of website design using two types of code, HTML and CSS (wiki it if you’re curious). Luckily my friend Rob stayed with us for three days, as he waited for his sublet to be available, and he is a programing wizard. He taught me a lot in a short amount of time, which was great. I am doing most of the programming on my own now. In other “house traffic” news we had Spencer, another friend, stay with us for his last remaining days in Berlin. This was before he departed to teach English in the Ukraine for a few months. We had a great evening at the wine bar on his last night in town. That same night Antonia made her return from Switzerland after three weeks of relaxing with family. It’s very good to have her back. Other than these few tidbits of news we got an awesome new couch for our living room, big enough for a Couchsurfer, and I’ve been doing a lot of money management. This has led me to the conclusion I need another paying job, so I’m now writing new cover letters. Luckily I have a wonderful Oma (disclaimer: other grandma is equally as cool) who sent me some Christmas money that will really help out, so a big thanks to Oma. Your grandson REALLY appreciates it : ) Life is amazing as usual though. Back to busking next week after a two week dry spell. Peace and Love   -Taylor


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