Fireworks And Decades

And a good New Years Eve was had by all! I can happily say that I made another good night out of the potentially worst holiday out there. It wasn’t that hard of a task though considering my company. The evening really started when Pascal and I made our way to the project house, the PV. This is where the party was held. Most of the night was spent mingling from this room to that and occasionally entering the dance floor. For the actually count down we made are way to the very cold, but fortunately quite close, Mauer Park; one of my favorite spots in Berlin. Now one fact one must understand is that in Germany fireworks are legal on NYE from 10pm to 1am. Granted this does not spot people from setting them off before and afterwords. This doesn’t even stop them from setting them off wherever they bloody feel like: in the streets, at cop cars, on sidewalks, in the metros, at unlucky people, really wherever one could imagine. It kind of gave Berlin a sort of Afghanistan feel; our Israeli visitor Yael was actually getting quite anxious due to the sound. This general chaos was all forgotten though when the new year arrived because what occurred before me was much more beautiful than any organized firework show I have seen. As we stood upon the top of Mauer Hill looking over the generally flat Berlin we watched layer upon layer of colourful explosions spontaneously combust and dissipate into smoke before our eyes. They were being lit off right in front of me, behind me, down the road, and 4km away. The organized madness was truly breathtaking and I couldn’t help think that as much as I nervously walked down the streets just thirty minutes before that at that moment I believed that this display of colour was a sight everybody must see in their lifetime. Amazing really, but that moment ended unfortunately, but we were then able  return to the PV to party into the new year, which was also quite enjoyable.

Yesterday, despite much relaxation, had its moments of new yeardum with the leaving of some friends. All of which were wonderful Québécois. Pascal after a month and a half of staying at our flat, and truly feeling more like a roommate the entire time in comparison to being a guest, packed his bags and left for Russia. Even though my last words to him were “See you soon,” (not a hard fact…) it was a hard goodbye none the less. We’ll definitely miss him here at “Free Love.” He has quite the amazing year of studying in Russia ahead of him though, so best of luck to my friend Pascal. I know he’ll do great though. Our other two Québécois friends, and chefs, left as well. Vanessa and Melissa were back to the road to continue their European journey. Due this goodbye we shared a quick, but enjoyable drink in the evening. I wish them the best of luck as well.

So there, it took me much less than a week to update my blog again. I told you I would start to quickly fix my developing bad habit. Anyhow, Happy 2010. I hope it’s one of the best yet for all of you as we bring in a new decade. What do we call this one anyways, “the Tenies?” PS this is what Pascal left our flat in…. no joke, he actually hitched like this…

I believe there should be some video in the near future…

Peace and Love, Taylor


2 Responses to “Fireworks And Decades”

    Dude, that’s an awesome hitching costume.
    I’m trying to decide whether or not I’d pick him up? I may not be able to resist. Looks like a guy with a lot of spirit—I’m sure you’ll be seeing him again.

  2. June Saracuse Says:

    gotta love the picture! Hilarious!

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