Christmas In Berlin… And Holland

I left you readers off in the full suspense of my awaited package. UPS pulled through and my packaged arrived to my household completely intact with no tax or duty! Needless to say it is an absolute wonder to have a personal computer again, some handy musical tool and useful clothing. A big shout out to the parents,Tara, and Eliot (Eliot only really did a little set up with the Mac, hehehe) for getting that done. On top of that my internet has finally arrived and after a few hitches we had it up a running. It’s amazing to have such a useful thing in the comfort of one’s home. It’s actually kind of sad how excited I was to have it, but then I remembered how much it sucked to sit in a dark room with ten other people looking at screens and afterwords having to pay for it.

Now you might be asking, “Why the hell has there not been more blog posts then?” now that I have both a laptop and internet in my flat. Well your’s truly has been quite busy as of late. On top of busking, the internship, and setting up the computer/internet, I planned a splendid formal Christmas Eve dinner with my good chap Pascal. We had Melissa and Vanessa, two traveling Québécois girls, over to cook a traditional Québécois meal for two days. The end result was amazing. We had a total of 17 people gather around a big door, which we made into a table, for what can only be described as a feast. Everybody filled their stomachs and minds with good food and conversation over the course of the evening. Naturally after a few drinks things got a little more crazy and we had a wonderfully…. creative… gift exchange. To MC this event a Québécois Santa joined us at midnight to distribute the presents. For some reason Pascal disappeared though? Here’s a photo of Pascal, Melissa, & Vanessa in front of, only, the appetizers spread over our “table”:

For Christmas myself and Pascal woke up, cleaned up, and the relaxed for most of the afternoon. I spent much of this afternoon on Skype with the likes of Paige, my family, the Matthews, and the Saracause family. Despite being away from home though it was not a Christmas lacking in gifts. The big one being my parents telling me that my new Mac laptop wasn’t to be paid for by myself. Hence my parents continue to be awesome… granted my Mac desktop back home I am not getting back. That one is now official property of June Saracuse. Other great gifts included the book Perfume sent by Tara and Steve, a comfy house coat, maple syrup, & funny magnets from Jasmine, hand-made socks from Lukas, and burger key chain from the gift exchange. For Christmas evening it was off to my friend Sebastian’s house for burgers, wine, and good portion of chilling out. An evening filled with Christmas tradition to say the least ; )

For Boxing Day I woke up nice and early and took the public transport as far as I could out of Berlin then I stuck out my thumb. It was off to Holland for me. After some last-minute planning I decided to visit Sanne, Natasja, and Caroline, three girls I met at a festival in Budapest this summer, in their current town of Enschede, Holland. Enschede is a pretty border town of about 200,000 about 4:30 hours drive from Berlin. After three ride, two of which had great conversation, I made to in Enschede in 6 hours to meet up with Sanne at her work. After 6 hours of chilling in the bar she worked at, trying specialty beers, eating Dutch fast food, and meeting her super cool boyfriend, Sebastian, we returned to her place where I slept for the remaining three days. Over those three day we reunited to reminisce about the old days, celebrated Caro’s Birthday, went swimming, explored the town, watched some movies, and had a sushi night. It was a nice relaxing break from the city and great to see the girls again and meet their respected boyfriends and friends.

I got back to Berlin last night after a decent hitch to find the house full up with visitors again. Lukas and Antonia are still way with family, but Pascal is still here and Jasmine currently has her friends Yael, Edan, and Christan visiting. Off to celebrate a wonderful New Years Eve tonight. As well as a little gift I made some new pages for this blog that are linked at the top of the right side bar. Just some fun write ups on the blog and the flat. Happy new years everyone and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well. Peace and Love,   -Taylor


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