Busk My Heart Out

The last week has mainly been a combination of busking and good-byes, or “see you laters,” to be more positive. I’ve been busking about 4 days a week and it’s been going fairly well. I haven’t developed much of an income pattern yet, but the good days make up for the crap ones. I had an especially rocking time last time around. Even got a note from a very attractive girl who stopped and listened for a while. As well as promised we said goodbye to Marisa and Pascal. Not everybody was leaving though. We had Andree, a girl from Quebec, visit us for two-day. Then we had our UK friend,  Sebastian, stayed with us for three days while we has in between homes in Berlin. We miss him. As well as a quick drop by from Anastasia from Ukraine last night. Alas, on top of Pascal and Marisa leaving, Lukas and Antonia have left Berlin to return home for the holidays. An easier task for them then for me ;  ) So needless to say the flat seems very empty right now, but it was nice to have a couple nights of just the four  flat mates before they left. Me and Jasmine seem to be coping though.

In other news we have had some awesome occurrences as of late. Three notable ones would be, first off a fun night at a Russian disco. A night of vodka and dancing to wonderful Russian ska. Second, finding a free Christmas tree… at the free shop! That’s right someone walked into the free shop and the lady running the shop turned to him and was like, “you probably shouldn’t put that in here.” It went outside and me and Jasmine quickly jumped on it. It’s now in our living room and I must say it’s one of the most creatively decorative Christmas trees I’ve seen. Think underwear and snowflakes. The third occurence took form in a nice Hanukkah celebration. The evening included yummy Jewish grub and the lighting of six of the nine candles, celebrated with our Jewish friend Uri. Oddly enough I knew more about Hanukkah than him.

As of late I have been awaiting the arrival of the package my wonderful parents sent me (props to Tara and my friend Eliot as well) and the internet man who will gracefully set us up with internet on Tuesday. Woot! Then Pascal comes back and we host a wonderous Christmas Eve formal celebration. For those readers that don’t know, for the past four years I have hosted a Christmas formal event back home with all my friends. The tradition must survive! I’ll let you know more about it in the future.

PS I hope that with internet at home will come more blog entries for those of you that might accuse me of slacking. Peace and Love, Taylor


3 Responses to “Busk My Heart Out”

  1. June Saracuse Says:

    love the update Tay. Thank you!

  2. Your Christmas formal in Victoria will be sorely missed, Tay. </3

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