Working Has Commenced

Man am I bad about this updating the blog business, but you must understand when a man does not have internet access in his home (soon though, soon) it can be difficult to remember and then do such things as blog updates. Anyhow I am now officially working. Myself and Billie have now started meeting in person again after a stretch of email and phone communication. We are now making headway. As you readers know though this job does not pay the bills, it is more a matter of gaining new knowledge, hence I have “officially” started busking. This means I am getting my permits, playing in the underground (UB), staying warm in the UB, taking advantage of high traffic in the UB, and I am the only one allowed to play in the UB. It’s good business.

The house is also slowly coming along. We, day by day, are acquiring more free stuff and doing the odd fix me up here and there. The other day we painted the living room which was quite fun. Somehow we managed not to make a mess? The new big project after painting though is two raise our living room ceiling. There is a fake one that takes almost 2 feet off the height of the room!

The house has been brewing with activity as of late as well. First off Jasmine’s best friend Merryn came for a three days visit and at the same time Stephen, an Australian friend of ours, moved in for just under a week, but now both are gone. One back to Canada the other to Russia. Jeremie has also left us as of recently. Well in actuality we never really came? When he was supposed to move in he got caught up living in the Tee Haus, hosting a conference on sustainable hospitality. When that was over he successfully lived with us for two days and then moved to Amsterdam with one of the people from the conference. As is life I guess. In  other words, best of luck to him. Lukas’ girlfriend Marisa is also back and she has brought some Austrian friends with her. Though only Marisa is living with us at the moment an army of Austrians arrive each night to “chill.” As well Pascal will leave us for a while as he travels around Germany for a bit, but he’ll be home for Christmas *Taylor sings*.

So in conclusion life is moving quickly but is never the less a blast. Hope the West is treating you people well. Peace and Love. -Taylor


2 Responses to “Working Has Commenced”

  1. Lawrence Saracuse Says:

    Hi Tay. Mom & I are at Kevin & Rosemary’s in Vancouver for a few days of R&R. We four just read your blog together. All the progress with the flat sounds great, as does the revolving door of international visitors. It is 2:45 in afternoon, and we just heard movement upstairs from Danny, who apparently parties & sleeps on a different schedule than we four “elders”. Nathan still isn’t home from Thursday night’s work bartending downtown. Kevin & Rosemary send their love, as do Mom & I. Miss you. Dad.

  2. Sheryl Saracuse Says:

    Hi Taylor, sounds like you are having so much fun on your journey of life. Good for you. We think of you often and oh to be 19 again. Enjoy reading your blog. We are having Christmas at our house this year, everybody will come on the eve and sleep over for a few days. Maybe we will get to talk to you then. Trying to send out Christmas wishes in a card but time is speeding by. Take care and bye for now…..
    Love Aunt Sheryl, Uncle Jeff, Skyler and Jacquelyn
    PS- if you go on u-tube you can see Skyler playing the guitar.

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