Home Life

I apologize for the lack of blogage as of late, but, as most of you can imagine, moving into a new place requires a lot of running around like a madman. Despite the madman like demeanor that I have been sporting lately, life is good. We seem to be requiring more nice free things everyday. We even all have mattresses to sleep on now…. for the win. We have also managed to get our moochful hands upon a fridge, a washing machine, a wardrobe, and countless other wonderful things. The landlord even gave us our kitchen sink and stove in much speediness. Oh yes, there was no stove or sink when we arrived, but luckily that’s in the contract so they had to get it for us pretty quick. In other news we are already having many visitors to our new flat within the last week. We have had Antonia’s boyfriend Eric visit, as well as, Killian, Bennie, and Toby; friends of Jasmine, Antonia, and me. They have all vacated today, but tomorrow Jasmine’s best friend Merryn visits so the company never stops it seems.

Work has been going fine, not much progress due to a lack of computers, but the second personal computers are acquired it’s full steam ahead. As for events, Kim had her last Berlin show on the 22nd and leaves tomorrow back to San Fran, which is sad, but the show was her best yet. We also had an unplanned party at our place on Friday, friends came from this place and then other friends came from other places, and then there was wine and then it became a party. So life keeps rolling and I keep enjoying. Peace and Love.  -Taylor


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