The Battles Have Been Fought, But Finally The War Is Won

All in all the past week hasn’t seen too much action. It’s been filled with some nights in, watching movies, a couple nights out (one that included a visit to the famous Ping Pong Bar), and a few new vokus spots. I made one more move to my friends Jan’s house this last week, as Julie’s work load was piling up and she needed her space. On the other hand there have been some major accomplishments this week. First off I just got a wicked job opportunity. The job entails being an intern for a starting up record label. I’ll be directly working for 90’s house singer/producer/songwriter Billie Ray Martin. I’ll be helping her promote, network, produce, and market all her new material on her new record label. It’s unpaid for the time being, but this is completely fine with me; I mainly see it as free schooling in the music industry. We have our first day on Monday so lets hope all goes as planned and I can help her as much as she can teach me.

The other big news is I finally got the keys to my new flat today. We have been waiting on the postal system for the last few days as our contract has been in the mail between Germany and Austria waiting for a signature from Lukas’ dad. Finally it arrived yesterday afternoon and we were ale to bring the contract to our landlord today in exchange for our keys. We also managed to acquire many free things this week. At this point we almost have a full kitchen, a couch, a table, a washing machine, and many other fine items. The only thing we are a little short on right now is mattresses. We only have three and there are six of us, but we also have a couch so we’ll manage for the time being. Oh, life is quite exciting right now : ) Peace and Love. -Taylor


One Response to “The Battles Have Been Fought, But Finally The War Is Won”

  1. June Saracuse Says:

    Happy, happy, happy for you!
    Love Mom

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