I have a flat! Hell yes! *happy dance* I am the man! Yay life! WOOT!

Enough of that. So if you didn’t get the message I officially have a flat next week. This became a fact on Monday. The beautiful 113 square meter, four bedroom flat is located on Emserstrasse 109, South Neukoelln. As it needs a paint and a few simple fix ups the first 2 months are free. I will be sharing the flat with Lukas, Jasmine, and Antonia (a super cool dance friend of Jasmine’s). For the months of November and December Jeremie and Pascal will live with us for a small price and for their undying skilled labour. This news segues into this weeks goal: find everything we need for the flat, free.

This is not the only good news, the weekend was great : ) It started with catching a show at Castle Hotel. Kim Boekbinder, a friend of mine, played another wonderful ukulele set accompanying Saudia Young. Saturday was a night of discovering how cool the neighbourhood I am about to move to actually is, as Neukoelln held an open gallery night. 90 different gallery and spaces were opened for free displaying an array of visual, musical, dance, performance, and installation art. The evening was shared with Jeremie, Spencer, Lukas, Jasmine, Jose, Fabrice, and an array of others. This night’s fun level was increased tenfold by the addition of a guitar we carried around as well as Jacqueline (plus friend), a friend who went to Sweden and had a surprise visit this weekend. Sunday was spent at my friend Jan’s experimental music concert. Jan uses a mix of loops and feedback to make something with musicality. Very interesting for me as feedback is my worst enemy in my field. Then we had to sit though bad theatre that was also part of the program that night at the Jesus Club. Word of advice, if the title of the piece is “5 Seconds of Sadness,” run because this piece of crap you’re about to watch is actually 20 minutes.

This brings us to Monday were in the morning Lukas and I visited the “flatman” and signed our papers. We had to send them to Lukas’ dad as they wanted his dad to be part of the contract hence why we don’t get the flat till next week. The night was filled with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Mauer Fall (or Wall Fall). After briefly meeting Jasmine’s visiting friend, Lawrence, for dinner, Lukas and I headed towards Potsdammer Platz in city center. We took a brief trip to East Side Gallery, the longest remaining stretch of the wall. We rode our bicycles beside running our hands across it as we passed. We then played a quick game of ‘East, West” as we went from side to side saying, “east, no no, west, no, east.” Finally we made it to our destination to watch a cheesy ceremony to remember the date. It included giant painted dominoes being pushed over and a performance by Jon Bon Jovi (one song that is). We redeemed this display of “remembering,” aka capitalist commercial plug, by going to a party and making French Onion soup. Yesterday was chill day. Hope all is well in the west. Peace and Love. -Taylor



One Response to “VICTORY!”

  1. June Saracuse Says:

    Great news Tay. Congrats and have fun furnishing. It sounds like a great (and challenging) goal to find everything for free but why not?
    Keep in touch.
    Luv Mom

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