I Look Upon The Gods For A Flat!

That is correct, I have resorted to sacrificing goats in order to get a flat. Okay, maybe not that intense, but it’s might be a possibility in the near future. The desire for a flat increases even more now that I am surfing my friend’s flats. Just before it got to be a month at Caroline’s I realized I had to vacate, thus I did. I went to my friend Marcelo’s place for 3 nights and now I am residing at Julie’s. I hope that this constant movement and having to cart my 20kg of luggage via bike around town might make my eventual flat search come to close quicker. The fact that I am starting feel a little bit stressed is also a sign that I must find something soon as I hardly ever get stressed. I will persist though!

In other news Halloween weekend was quite the enjoyable occasion. It started on Friday when I went with the Tea Haus crew to watch our friends Emma, Darren, and Tom perform in their Irish Punk Folk band at this awesome punk venue. Music and people watching were both a major plus to the evening. We then went back to the Tea Haus to party until the wee hours of the morning. Saturday started with making about 200 cookies at Jasmine’s with Jasmine, Lukas, and Mariaca. I mainly was in charge of carving a gourd though, which I totally didn’t realize had different innards than a pumpkin. It took a little longer than expected. Then it was off to the Halloween party at the Tea Haus and there was a great turn out. I went dressed as Simba from the Lion King. Other winners here Laika, the communist space dog, Bob Dylan, Cruella de Vil and Dalmatian, Pascal’s costume, and the Good Year Tire mascot. Another late night to say the least. Sunday was a relaxing day 🙂

The last week has been a mix of, you guessed it, flat searching and hanging out with two high school friends, Julena and Lauren, who are doing their Europe tour. Though they didn’t do anything I suggested we still managed to have fun. I clearly brought them to the Tea Haus. Last night when we hung out the MTV Europe Music Awards were taking place so we spent about 45 minutes waiting outside the Ritz Carlton waiting for celebrities to show their faces. We saw David Hasselhoff, Brody (?) from the Hills, and Lil’ Kim (don’t bother looking up the last two names). They left this morning to continue their journey, I wish the the best of luck. In closing the flat searching is becoming evermore frustrating, but I have still been managing to soak up this city in all its glory. 20 year anniversary of the fall of the wall in 3 days. Should be a good day, November 9th. I look forward to telling you all about it.


3 Responses to “I Look Upon The Gods For A Flat!”

  1. alisha c Says:

    Since when does Good Year Tire have a mascot?

    • taylorsaracuse Says:

      I stand corrected, Fabrice was the Michelin Tire mascot. Thank you for bring this to my attention Alisha because the outcome of my ignorance could have been catastrophic!

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