Waiting On A Home

To address the title of this blog entry, it is true, we didn’t sign the contract for the flat yesterday. The company we are dealing with are revealing themselves to be absolute imbeciles to say the least. We arrived on Wednesday to sign and they gave us a blank stare when we mentioned Revaler Strasse 7. They then proceeded to tell us that they forgot about that flat and didn’t know if it was this place or another place or another place that needed new windows. Hence we are pushed back to wait till Friday, so quite similarly to Tara and Steve we are not holding our breaths on the eventual progress of a new home.

Otherwise life has been great. I bought a bike, which is pretty exciting, but some drunk dude kicked Jasmine’s bike wheel in, pretty much bending it in half. So the last few days have been preoccupied with finding a surprise replacement wheel, stealing her broken wheel, leaving notes on the bike signed “-wheel,” putting the replacement wheel on the bike, and revealing the new wheel to her. She was happy. I have also have been studying a lot of guitar theory with Jeremie lately and for the first time in a couple years I feel like I am improving. It’s a good feeling. Tommy and Jeremie bought a battery powered guitar/mic amp too for busking, which opens up many new options. The Tea Haus has started up skill sharing as of late. Skill sharing is a networking program for free education in whatever subject(s) you feel like being taught by your peers. Last night was the first meeting and it looks like massage and guitar workshops will be the first to happen in the near future, but one on one education will happen as well.

Saturday was also a memorable night as the weekly CS meeting was a big one. This one for no apparent reason it was planned as a bar hop, but not your conventional bar hop. With this one we visited all the dive bars, the bars that only three regular customers show up every single night, there is no decoration, and bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned for a month. Our plan was to surprise them by coming in dressed up like we had just come from wedding, and by “we” I mean 150 people. Jacquelin, Jasmine, and I decided to come a little more dressed up as we made the last minute decision that we would attend. I was a cat, Jasmine was weather, and Jacquelin was some crazy pixie. All this made for a pretty good night. And there is the exciting stuff that happened other the last 5 days. Hope you enjoyed.


5 Responses to “Waiting On A Home”

  1. June Saracuse Says:

    It all sounds so wonderful. I feel so happy for you. You are really LIVING life. Thank you for sharing. Reading your blog gives me energy!
    Love Mom

  2. liveformemories Says:

    Ahaha! Oh! Poor bar staff!!!


    Sounds like you’re having a blast, Tay! That’s fantastic šŸ˜€

  3. A crowd coming into a low-population bar sounds like a strong element of a situational comedy. The one where each member of the cast gets lost on their own adventure, but all tie together in the end.

    • Okay, so like, seriously, how come I always have the same picture of all of the comments I’ve made? How does it know that I’m typing? It’s driving me nuts.

      • taylorsaracuse Says:

        Because the compuer is watching you Daniel!

        And yes, the night was full of situational comedy.

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