Pressing My Thumb

The last few days have mostly been occupied by scrambling around trying to get paper work ready for a flat that I am trying to get the contract for (thanks to M+D for their help). Hopefully we will find out if we have the place by Wednesday.  Jasmine and I have found our third as well for the flat. His name is Lukas, an Austrian who will add the extra zen that the house will require. We like him : ) In other news we already have “carpenters,” Jermie and Pascal (other Canadian Tea Haus friends, there’s too many of us), to build us a guest loft which they will occupy for a while after building it. We’ve also decided that we will require all our furniture for free via streets, friends, dumpster diving, CS, craiglist, and any other means we can think of. It shall be amazing if things flow smoothly.

Keeping my nights busy with vokü dinners, chilling or jamming at the Tea Haus, eating soup or muffins at Jasmine’s, or exploring the streets of my love, Berlin.  Hopefully a job soon, but Jermie, Tommy, and I will busk the u-bahn until that time comes.  Life is good. Hope the same for all of you. Peace and Love.


One Response to “Pressing My Thumb”

  1. tarasaracuse Says:

    Yey free furniture! Hey, just be careful of bed-bugs and fleas, you know? I think there’s a spray you an get for that, so you don’t end up really itchy.

    Glad things are plugging along. Hey, I just realized that we’re both unemployed and living off of other people’s charity – Mom and Dad must be so proud!

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