My Turkey Was A Chicken?

Time for another Taylor update! I got to say being an excepting individual, be it situational or personal, rocks. I am already making jokes like, “hey do you remember that time I got robbed? Ya that was crazy!” or “ya you might think you have it bad, but I got robbed.”  Granted the whole situation did get better when I received a replacement travelers cheque and was told if my defiant friends tried to cash the one cheque they stole they would be arrested. In other news I attended another Sunday night story telling session, which was simply splendid. I took my turn at one point to speak about Jamphel the monk, seeing as the theme of the night was “the moment you realized why you travel.” The night died a little nearer to the end especially following this drunk Japanese man’s absolutely incoherent, but quite hilarious, story of trying to get into Israel on a motorbike, but having a lot of trouble at the border. The important detail that he was also drunk at the point of crossing the border came a few minutes later; his story made a little more sense at this point. There was also the American guy that got caught trying to take a shit in a potted plant in the Hilton in Paris, but that’s another story. I also found my new busking partner this night. Yesterday was a good day as Jasmine and I found an amazing flat that we will try and obtain for ourselves once we have one other person to join us. Really though, it’s a great flat, and I hope to be able to tell you good news about it in the near future. Another reason for the wonderfulness of yesterday was the Thanksgiving dinner that Jasmine and I planned. We had 5 Canadians over, with 2 Germans and an English guy spectating, to Jasmine’s sublet to gather around the table. There was a wonderful spread of roasted vegetables, carrot soup, apple crumble and two full chickens, aka two 50 lbs turkeys full of stuffing! It was a wonderful occasion indeed and I must say I was quite thankful for the community I’ve been able to build in Berlin in such a short time. Anyway got to go work on getting this wicked awesome flat. Peace and Love.


3 Responses to “My Turkey Was A Chicken?”

  1. the jigsaws are definitely falling into place, Tay!
    sending nothing but positive thoughts your way.
    keep looking up&moving forward

  2. June Saracuse Says:

    did you cook? and what’s with the German and the English guys spectating?did you have to be Canadian to have Thanksgiving dinner?
    Good luck with the flat. Hope it works out!

  3. taylorsaracuse Says:

    Merci Blake and as for you Mom and your various questions, I helped prep and prepare, the Germans and the English guy were allowed to eat, and the “spectating” part was a joke.

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