I Grow Up Quick

I don’t know if this is a truth or not, but I believe one cannot live their whole life without getting robbed at least once. Good thing I got that one over with, but lets talk other life events first. On Wednesday I met up in the afternoon with Jasmine and her old roommate Benny, who was coincidently also from Vancouver Island. Benny ended up being super cool, not that I did expect this to be the case, and the three of galavanted around Berlin for the night. We started by trying to go to this local dinner at this lesbian bike fixing commune (otherwise refered to as the dykes with bikes), but were sadly told it only happened on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month. We then hit up a currywurst stand. After our dinner we made our way uptown and, after getting distracted by several beautiful installations, made it to the “drink what you want, pay what you want” wine bar. The three us continued to play “bag it or toss it” (use your imagination) whilst sitting  on a bench for the next few hours and then met some French Canadians from the Tea House. When our chat concluded we got some fried chicken and went to bed. The next morning I made my way to Jasmine’s and we made and ate pancakes for three hours. Pascal, one of your French Canadian friends joined. That night it was back to the Tea House for some homemade Indian food and an open mic at which I played a few tunes. Yet again the next morning Jasmine and I met up (this time without Benny as he had departed) and had a picnic in a grassy roundabout median. I then decided to go out with Caroline that night as she had thus far been sich a great CS host and I felt I needed to spend more time with her. We started the night with a Sprekey (small off-licence shops) crawl with her uni mates and then met up with her best friend. About the time we left her friend’s house the alcohol had caught up with me. I then told Caroline I would go home to go to bed. At this point things turned sour. I was waiting at the U-bahn stop when two Turkish men decided I, or my wallet, was to be taken advantage of. So they decided stealing 20€ off me and then toying with me would be fun. In the end I made it home after a visit to the Tea House to get some hugs ,but with 20 les euros. I was not hurt though so that is what’s more important. The next day was a lot of talking the situation out with Jasmine as, as you can imagine, it was a little of a shaking experience. After a long walk and a lot of orange juice I was okay. In closing, as the title of this blog states I am growing up quickly and have now learned not to get too intoxicated, walk through a sketchy neighbourhood, be alone, and then get robbed. Yes kids, remember don’t get robbed. Hope all is well in the west. Peace and Love.


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