Visa Victory!

I have now got my visa and I am officially allowed to work in this country until October 5th, 2010. All I can say to that is, hell yes! I visited the German foreigner’s office early Tuesday morning for an appointment and after meeting up with Martin, my CS translator, and having a panic attack after the lady asked me to step out of the room as she needed to check if Canadians could actually get “Working Holiday Visas” (a visa I thought I could get, but wasn’t 100% sure), I finally retireved my visa. So now, with one task out of my three important tasks completed I am feeling more confident about the situation. Not over-confident by any means, but it does feel good and make things a lot easier for me. Please note then for future reference: Canadians are able to obtain “Working Holiday Visas” while in Germany. Take that system! In other news I have been continuing to take advantage of all the great things this city has to offer. Two things that stick out in my mind are the giant wooden puppets that paraded around the city from the 1st to the 4th (no I was not tripping on acid) and an amazing story telling session in a hippie commune that I attended on Sunday night. Here is a video the giant puppets for those interested:

In other news I have now moved from Christina’s house to a quick stint at a host by the name of Dagmar’s place (Dagmar helped translate for me during a trip to the German foreigner’s office earlier this week), but her long distance boyfriend emailed her with the news that he was coming to Europe so she had to give me the boot to get ready for him, which was fair enough. Woah,  run-on setence much? With this news I made my way to another Cser’s flat, Caroline. I have been here for the last few days and it has been really great as one of her flat-mates is on vacation and has said I can sleep in his giant room which has a loft bed. I know, a loft bed, super cool right? So, yes life is starting to look up, not that it was ever looking down. Still a lot do to, so I will bid you readers adieu. Peace and Love.


2 Responses to “Visa Victory!”

  1. Good to hear the Visa is looking swell. Although I once heard that with a German Working Holiday Visa that it only applies to Canadians that have a written job offer from a work employer in Germany. Although, as you have your Visa, I assume this is not the case.

    The large puppetry is quite cool. The girl looked very realistic with the way her eyes moved. Although the tongue gave me chills.

  2. June Saracuse Says:

    the puppets are amazing! it must have been such a thrill to see them in real life. People can be so amazingly and wonderfully creative!

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