The Search Continues!

And still I am looking for a room, I haven’t a job, and I will try and get my visa again on Tuesday. Apparently though this is all quite normal. Berlin is supposed to be one hard city to move to and it’s proving to be so. This is of course frustrating, but I will continue to show persistance. If the visa is obtained on Tuesday life will be much better. The last week has been pretty standard. A lot of running around looking at places, finding out I need to compete with 40 other people for one room. It’s quite ludicrous, I realize. On the other hand I have been having fun when I can fit it in and am constantly reminded how cool this city is and how much better it will be once I’m relaxed. Last night was an especially good night as I went to one of the English bookstores with Jasmine to attend the weekly Friday night 5EU buffet. It was quite good and so was the conversation… for the most part *cough*. I can tell you readers latter. Then we went and met up with Pierce, the brother of Björn, a  super cool guy I traveled with in Jordan. Pierce was also super nice and so were all his friend whom I hope to see again. In crappier news I got a 40EU ticket on the subway the other day for not having a ticket. Turns out even if it’s only two stops and you only have two twenties in your wallet it’s a good idea to buy a ticket. Good to get that out of my system though. Cross your fingers for me, I could really use some blind luck at this point. Peace and Love.


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