Moving Along

If I am going to be honest Sunday was another day out and not very productive at all. I woke up late after a good night out with the CSers for drink. I was feeling surprisingly fresh so I sat down and did some more appartement searching in the early afternoon. After that I decided to make my way to the park to attend a BBQ I was invited to. Unfortunately I got there and met up with some CSers, but the person who organized the event had not shown up so we were without a BBQ. We quickly decided to move locations. We made our way to Muaer Park where there was this amazing outdoor karaoke that apparently occurs every Sunday in the summer. There must have been 600 people of more. This is just to give you an idea:

Easily one of the best performances that night. Anyways after the karaoke we then went out for gourmet naan and then to this place that you can take as much wine as you want and then you pay whatever you feel like paying at the end of the night! The last two day have been more appartement searching and the discovery that German Bureaucracy is one giant loop. One can’t get a job without a visa, one can’t get a visa without insurance, and one can’t get insurance without a job. BUT I will beat the system! For I always have. In other news Christina is back for London and we have enjoyed some good evenings talking. Other than that I need to get haircut soon so I can start applying for jobs. The idea of loosing my hair doesn’t really bother me anymore, it’s just the terrible Arabian barbers with their Bollywood style hair cuts *shudder*.


One Response to “Moving Along”

  1. June Saracuse Says:

    I checked out the Karaoke Tay. I watched a whole bunch of them. It looks like a blast.

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