Birthday Bliss

Today I turned 19, which is pretty cool considering its the 19th day of the 9th month in 2009. This series of numbers will probably mean a year of luck since this is pretty much as rare as the planets aligning. Okay, maybe not that rare, but still pretty cool. Any who let me bring you people up to speed. I got some good news about my visa on Thursday as apparently it is possible to get a working holiday visa (exactly the same as a Youth Mobility visa) in Germany… or at least that’s is what a lady at the foreigners bureau told me. Therefore I will continue to run with this information until I get told it is not true or I get my passport stamped at which point they can’t take my visa back. Just to be prepared though I will be working on the requirement for the normal working visa just in case.  In continuing with my life updates I have moved my couchsurfing location to Christina’s, the girl I met Wednesday night. I did this on Friday morning. She offered me her place as she was going to London for the weekend and felt more comfortable with someone watching over the appartement, so I have a flat to myself, which is quite nice. Friday afternoon I also met up with another Canadian, Jasmine, for tea just to talk about being new in Berlin (which we both are) and we jelled quite well. We even found amazing ice cream for only 90EU cents a scoop; actual sized scoops too. This brings us to today, which is coincidently my Birthday as mentioned above. I wrote a note on CS on Friday saying I would buy cake if people met me in the park, so at 12 today I enjoyed some really good cake with about 5 other CSers, Jasmine included. Then we all made our way the Brandenburg gate to meet about 11 other CSers to give out free hugs (we made fancy signs) to anyone who wanted one. I hugged for about three hours and easily gave out 300 hugs. I also shared some more cake with the huggers. Now I am back at Christina’s flat to rest for a bit and then I will probably hit the town for some drinks with some of the CSers I met today. To boot the sun is shining in Berlin today and it’s absolutely beautiful. Life is good. Peace and Love.



One Response to “Birthday Bliss”

  1. Happy birthday, Tay!

    Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday – just as one should for their 19th (well, for any other birthday, for that matter!).

    Love how many people came out for Free Hugs!

    Hope your evening turned out well.

    Take care,

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