Feeling Better About Bureaucracy

To be honest bureaucracy still sucks big time, but I am starting to cope a little bit better with all the crap I need to deal with. After completing my last blog I spent a lovely evening having dinner and watching Charlie Chaplin with Régis, my CS host, his two children and one of their friends. Children and a light hearted film was exactly what I needed to get my head back into the right space. It was a good reminder that life really is just fun and games just sometimes you gotta sit down and focus on Monday night’s homework. So despite getting quite a bit of “homework” to do over the next few weeks it’s just all pointing towards the fun to come. Speaking of which I have dropped a new idea which involves sending all the necessary documents to Canada and having SWAP get the Youth Mobility Visa for me. Just waiting on SWAP for the okay. Other than the renewed philosophy and my visa idea I have just been working away on everything else I can do right now. Also met up with a wonderful CS Berliner named Christina who offered me loads of help. Lots more to do  though…. BE THE TRAIN TAYLOR, BE THE TRAIN.


3 Responses to “Feeling Better About Bureaucracy”

  1. This seems to be a fine blog, though traveling seems to have aged you rapidly if that’s you marching across the banner. I’m glad to hear things are well, or well enough. Bitches ain’t shit. Even German ones.

  2. June Saracuse Says:

    with an attitude like that the world and all its beaurocracy cannot beat you down. Way to win the situation no matter what the outcome Tay.
    Love Mom

  3. Couch surfing in Germany; how epic.

    I don’t know Christina, but totally tell her that Benji Esau says hi, even though Benji doesn’t really know her either.

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