Day 1: A Complicated One

In a nut shell I might be returning to Canada for a brief time (this doesn’t mean Victoria). Why? Because bureaucracy is a bitch. Shall I explain? Apparently though they make it sound like a breeze to get a work visa it is actually near impossible to obtain one if you don’t work in IT (or another job that benefits Germany). The visa I would have been applying for had I not been traveling before my arriving, the Youth Mobility Visa, is actually a work visa “waiver.” So pretty much they skip, or wave, the bureaucracy and allow you to work because you are between 18 and 35, but you must apply for it in Canada 3 months prior to leaving for Germany. So tomorrow will be a day of trying to talk to the right people in order to find some loop holes or at least make it so I can go to somewhere like Paris instead of Canada to apply for the visa. Other than this catastrophe CS is giving me even more reasons to love it by offering its help left, right, and center just after a few posts I left on the site. Wish me good luck over the few days and I’ll cross my fingers. Hope all is good on your end.


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