A New Chapter Opened, A New Blog (As Is The Modern World)

Tara predicted correctly, there is a new blog. Best of all I can’t believe anyones taken the simple, but beautiful name of “Berlin Days” yet! Just another thanks to all the readers of “Taylor’s Travels,” it meant a lot that you followed along for the ride.

So let me give you some insight on what this blog is about.  This is blog is meant to chronicle my attempt and my hopeful success in moving to Germany’s capital city, Berlin. Then, if you’d like, you can follow the future events that occur during my stay in this glorious city. I am writing this blog because I genuinely enjoyed writing the last and hopefully you enjoyed reading. Not to mention I hope to use these blogs as archives as I grow older and start to lose my mind… that is assuming the internets not replaced by something cooler. We miss you floppy! Peace and Love.



One Response to “A New Chapter Opened, A New Blog (As Is The Modern World)”

  1. aunt Carma Says:

    My best advice for dealing with bureacracy is KISS BUTT!
    Compliment the person you are dealing with and sympathize about what a rough job they have!!! Ask their opinion .Anger and sarcasm do not work.. Good luck. Keep up the positive attitude!
    Happy Birthday on Saturday. Celebrate well!
    Love you, Aunt Carma

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